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Friday, December 19th, 2003
1:59 am
overdue update...
to longtime members:

unfortunately due to crappy computers (that makes two now that i have tried) and financial difficulty (i.e. why i haven't been able to purchase a new one) the community is still going to be closed for some time. good news is i have a relatively decent paying job now and may be able to afford a new computer or repairs on my old one soon *crosses fingers* i love all of you and thank you for bearing with me. i can still offer suggestions and make icons/user pics and give directions on how to do certain things, but full layouts are still impossible. for any of the above, please email razberrygrrl@yahoo.com.

to inquiring ljers:

first, please read the above. second, please refrain from layout requests. i can still help out in the areas stated above, but i am still (at least until july) getting emails for layouts. i still cannot do them, hence why the comm is still closed. i will help out as much as i can and i apologize for the things that i am still unable to do. thank you for understanding.

thank you,
razberrygrrl (comm moderator)

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Friday, July 4th, 2003
11:17 pm
Can anyone tell me how to put the dotted lines around the entry boxes.
Sunday, June 8th, 2003
12:39 am
layout request
hello i was wondering if somebody could make me a layout for my new journal imperfecti0n
my screen resolution is 600 x 800
i would like it to have stars, hearts, and swirls on it if thatz possible
and these phrases or words written on it....
"Memories come and go like a dream lost in the night,
But I remember everything about you,
How you came and changed my life."

"Being grown up isnt half as fun as growing up
these are the best days of our lives
the only thing that matters
is just following your heart
and eventually you`ll finally get it right"

"Thanks for making me a FIGHTER"

"I wanna be that girl you point and say 'THATZ HER'"

"Riot Girl"

"Class of 2005"

"Im not a prostitute but i give ya what ya want"

"Its me against this world and i dont care"

"Im the perfect sin"

thatz all if you could do that it would mean a lot to me
colors and such really dont mean a lot to me have fun be creative im sure i`ll end up loving it.
but if you need colors then blues n pinks will be fine
or something bright
and you can add your signature in there or i`ll put in my info "layout by (user name here)" it's up to you
just let me know
my email is Faerydust005@aol.com if you have any questions
Monday, February 24th, 2003
4:09 pm
Sorry about that...
... I asked for help on a LJ layout and I didn't write what I wanted. I think I'll be fine for now... there's simply too many things I'm unsure of for what I really want, but thanks for replying to me on my first post ^_^

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, February 15th, 2003
1:18 am
hi guys...
unfortunately i have closed the community to requests until further notice. any requests made on or before 02.14.03 will still be completed as soon as possible. it turns out that my computer has a more serious issue than i had feared and must be sent to see a professional as soon as possible. just wanted to update you in case you noticed the change and were a little confused. hope everyone is having a nice evening/morning/whatever ^_^ and thanks for all of your patience. anyone who would like to go elsewhere for their layout b/c they do not wish to wait is welcome to, all i ask is that you please notify me here or through email as soon as possible so that i do not continue to try to work on your layout. i am really sorry and i hope there are no ill feelings.

Current Mood: distressed
Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
8:22 am
hi, i just wanted to update everyone on an issue i have been dealing with in case you have been expecting a rough draft from me or a response to an email or post and have been wondering where i have been. my computer has freaked out on me and so i had to back everything up and dump the computer and re-install the operating system, so i have to try and reload everything. unfortunately, this still didn't fix the problem. the result is that my computer locks up on me and i have to restart it about every half hour to hour and i never know when it is going to happen and it seems as though it always happens when i am in the middle of something. so, i am going to try and get it fixed as soon as possible, but this will definitely increase the amount of time that it takes me to finish a layout as well as the number of layouts i can take on. i am going to keep working unless i start to get too many. right now, it is manageable. but i just wanted to let everyone know what's up. and also anyone that is expecting something should receive it within the next 2-3 days. sorry about all of this. and also i wanted to let you know that it is a hardware problem, not a virus or anything so you don't have to be concerned or worried about emailing me. something in my hard drive is messed up, so there is nothing for you to worry about. wish me luck and cross your fingers that this can be fixed easily, quickly and inexpensively!

Current Mood: worried
4:30 pm
Hi! I'm new to the scene. I'd really like someone to help me out with a layout for my jounral but I'm having troubles understanding the content under the rules. So, my first question is: to get someone to do a journal lyout, is it free? And my second question is: where is the list of affiliates to choose from because I pressed the link to it and it says it couldn't find the site? So if someone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it ^_^

Current Mood: confused
Friday, February 7th, 2003
2:47 am
more updates before bed...
i finally got the page of transition examples up if anyone wants to have a look at them. they are here: page transitions. of course, they only work with IE, so if you don't have that, you probably won't be able to see them, in which case, you probably wouldn't want one anyway ^_^.

also finished layouts for:
rottendollie (1024*768)
distilled_punk (800*600)

that's it for now. good night (morning?) everyone.

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, February 4th, 2003
2:45 am
I was hoping that darkmoons could help with creating a style for my lj. If and when this is possible I'll be around to contact.
Monday, February 3rd, 2003
12:38 am
some updates...
ok, i have two pages now for people to help make layout requests easier. if you want to see a page of available link decorations, it's here (note...very frames intensive, sorry to those of you who hate them, but i couldn't think of any other way to get them all on the same page). and there is also a page of available cursor decorations here.

i also complete layouts for:

if you want to have a look at what's new. i will also be adding a page that shows examples of all of the page transitions either late tonight or tomorrow. i think that's all for now. good night kiddies.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, February 1st, 2003
11:32 am
Hello my dears. I bring bad news. Unfortunately school and family issues have taken over my life (which is why some of you are probably confused as to why its taken so long for your layout) but i am working dilligently to finish the last few up. I will, for a while, be taking on a layout when i have time until about april when life and school slows down. im sorry to anyone who is still waiting on their journal, i hope they understand that i do have things going on and that i am working as hard as i can with the little time im allowed. i love you all and i will continually post and help out bedlamgrrl as much as she needs!~ love to all.

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