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more updates before bed...

i finally got the page of transition examples up if anyone wants to have a look at them. they are here: page transitions. of course, they only work with IE, so if you don't have that, you probably won't be able to see them, in which case, you probably wouldn't want one anyway ^_^.

also finished layouts for:
rottendollie (1024*768)
distilled_punk (800*600)

that's it for now. good night (morning?) everyone.
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Please remove me

i am assuming that you meant remove you from the community. if i am wrong about this, let me know. also, for future reference, you can remove yourself from a community that you have joined by going to the community's userinfo page and there is a link at the top that says "click here to leave this community" it replaced the link that was there before you joined that said "click here to join this community." and if you want to stay a member of a community, but don't want it to show up on your friends page, you can just click on the link on the blue navigation bar on the left hand side of the livejournal page that says "your friends" and then follow the instructions to delete that community from your friends list.


February 12 2003, 13:01:06 UTC 15 years ago

hey, i tried emailing you but you haven't written back yet...i was wondering if you could make me a layout, i have a deadjournal, not a livejournal...i dunno if it makes a difference. i want it to be a fashion theme, like runway shots, if u want i can send you links to pictures i was from certain websites. umm i dont kno what a resolution is, but if you tell me how to find out what mine is i'll do it. i know absolutely nothing about journal styles and layouts...your help would be greatly appreciated. oh, and you can sign your name on my layout for credit. whatever you want. thanks!
i did get your email and i can do your layout for you. sorry that i didn't get back to you sooner, but my computer has been messed up and i had to back it up and re-install everything. so, i have been a little out of touch for a couple of days. if you have any pictures in mind, send them to me and as far as the resolution and stuff. i can help you figure that out. i will send you something tomorrow that will help determine your resolution. so, just let me colors and fonts and stuff that you might like. there are also links that can show all of the link decorations and cursor decorations and page transitions if you might be interested in any of those. they are here:

link decorations

cursor decorations

page transitions
i already have the code for page transitions...but can u please tell me what the number is for the pixelate transition? thanks