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overdue update...

to longtime members:

unfortunately due to crappy computers (that makes two now that i have tried) and financial difficulty (i.e. why i haven't been able to purchase a new one) the community is still going to be closed for some time. good news is i have a relatively decent paying job now and may be able to afford a new computer or repairs on my old one soon *crosses fingers* i love all of you and thank you for bearing with me. i can still offer suggestions and make icons/user pics and give directions on how to do certain things, but full layouts are still impossible. for any of the above, please email

to inquiring ljers:

first, please read the above. second, please refrain from layout requests. i can still help out in the areas stated above, but i am still (at least until july) getting emails for layouts. i still cannot do them, hence why the comm is still closed. i will help out as much as i can and i apologize for the things that i am still unable to do. thank you for understanding.

thank you,
razberrygrrl (comm moderator)
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