.:.>>babydoll<<.:. (bubblezz05) wrote in darkmoondesigns,

layout request

hello i was wondering if somebody could make me a layout for my new journal imperfecti0n
my screen resolution is 600 x 800
i would like it to have stars, hearts, and swirls on it if thatz possible
and these phrases or words written on it....
"Memories come and go like a dream lost in the night,
But I remember everything about you,
How you came and changed my life."

"Being grown up isnt half as fun as growing up
these are the best days of our lives
the only thing that matters
is just following your heart
and eventually you`ll finally get it right"

"Thanks for making me a FIGHTER"

"I wanna be that girl you point and say 'THATZ HER'"

"Riot Girl"

"Class of 2005"

"Im not a prostitute but i give ya what ya want"

"Its me against this world and i dont care"

"Im the perfect sin"

thatz all if you could do that it would mean a lot to me
colors and such really dont mean a lot to me have fun be creative im sure i`ll end up loving it.
but if you need colors then blues n pinks will be fine
or something bright
and you can add your signature in there or i`ll put in my info "layout by (user name here)" it's up to you
just let me know
my email is Faerydust005@aol.com if you have any questions
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