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darkmoondesigns's Journal

::Dark Moon Designs::
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welcome to the livejournal community for dark moon designs.

unfortunately due to technical difficulties, dark moon designs will not be taking any requests until further notice. i also have no real eta right now for when it will be back up. i apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. you can still email us. and/or visit these other communities:


or do a search for many others.

any requests made here for layouts or help will probably go unnoticed until the comm is re-opened. if you need some help, please email the address above and i will try to help although full layouts are pretty much impossible right now until i can afford to buy a new computer.

we thank you for your patience and if you would like to be notified upon our return, just email us with "subscribe" as the subject.

brought to you by:

bedlamgrrl community maintainer


rundesirerun co-maintainer

*note*: we are in no way affiliated with dark moon graphics. i created dark moon designs with no knowledge that they existed until now.